Submitting a Book Proposal

The Religious Studies Center welcomes book proposals on projects that fit the RSC mission statement. We are committed to publishing well-researched, well-written books aimed at informed Latter-day Saint readers as well as a more academic audience. To see the types of books we publish, click here

You may submit either a book proposal or complete manuscript.

If you submit a book proposal, please provide us with the following basic information that we can make an informed decision about your project:

1.   A copy of your curriculum vitae or résumé, including your contact information, occupation, education, book publications (listing publisher and publication date), and journal articles.

2.   A summary of your proposed work.

a.   Describe the content and theme in about three hundred words.

b.   Tell us how your work adds to existing scholarship. Please include the author, title, publisher, and date of publication of significant comparable books.

c.   The primary audience and any secondary audience(s) for your book.

d.   Tell us why you think the RSC is a good fit for your project.

3.   The specifications of the work:

a.   Approximate page count in Microsoft Word, including notes and bibliography.

b.   Number and type of illustrations you want to include. Please specify color and/or black-and-white photographs, line drawings, maps, charts, graphs, and tables.

c.   Projected completion date of the manuscript, if it is not yet fully written.

4.   Table of contents with a brief summary of the content of each chapter.

5.   One or two representative chapters.

6.   Indication of any portions that have been published previously and by whom.

7.   Names and addresses of three experts in your field of study who might be willing to objectively review your manuscript if it is accepted for peer review.

If you submit a complete manuscript, please provide a prospectus with marketing information.

We presume your manuscript is not under review by other publishers. Please explain if this is not the case.

Submit your materials to Joany Pinegar. Sometimes emails go astray, so contact Joany if she has not acknowledged receipt of your proposal within two weeks. All the manuscripts we receive go through a preliminary evaluation that may take up to three months. If we find your project of interest, we will ask to see the complete manuscript, or, if the manuscript is yet to be completed, we will discuss with you how we might go forward.

Because we are a university press, the books we publish go through a peer-review process and are sent to two anonymous reviewers. This process may take another three months.

For further ideas as you prepare your manuscript for review, please see our suggestions for Preparing the First Draft and the RSC Style Guide.