Joseph Smith's Translation of the Bible: Electronic Library

Edited by Scott H. Faulring and Kent P. Jackson

Joseph Smith’s Translation of the Bible: Electronic Library brings together a wealth of information and recent scholarship on Joseph Smith’s translation of the Bible. The Electronic Library also includes high-resolution images of every page of the original manuscripts, images and transcriptions of the earliest copies made from those manuscripts, and a collection of recently published studies based on the manuscripts. Each manuscript is preceded by a short introductory essay. This collection also includes the entire 851-page book, Joseph Smith’s New Translation of the Bible: Original Manuscripts, edited by Scott H. Faulring, Kent P. Jackson, and Robert J. Matthews. This powerful electronic tool, developed at Brigham Young University, enables users of the Electronic Library to view the transcriptions, images, and printed texts either individually or side-by-side in any order, with full capacity to search each text. These transcriptions contain all the original manuscripts of Joseph Smith’s Bible translation.

Although this electronic library is "out of print" it is available as a free eBook through WordCruncher. Go to and follow these directions:

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  • Out of Print
  • ISBN: 978-0-8425-2792-7
  • Published in 2011