• Living a Life in Crescendo

    "Let us not shrink from the next steps in our spiritual growth, brothers and sisters, by holding back, or side-stepping our fresh opportunities for service to our families and our fellowmen. Let us trust the Lord and take the next steps in our individual lives."

    Spencer W. Kimball

  • Counsel and Correction

    "Be grateful for people in your lives who love you enough to correct you, to remind you of your standards and possibilities, even when you don't want to be reminded."

    Elder Neal A. Maxwell

  • How to Ask Questions That Invite Revelation

    "The question is not whether we should ask questions but rather, What are the questions we should be asking? My experience... leads me to believe that real progress is almost always the result of asking the right questions."

    Elder Cecil O. Samuelson

RE 5, no. 3 (2004)