• Growing Old Graciously: Lessons from a Centenarian

    "Living the principles of the gospel is the best way to get blessings and thereby to grow old graciously. I think the gospel brings peace of mind."

  • Teaching the Fall of Adam and Eve

    "If God had created man mortal, then death, sin and all the circumstances of mortality would be God's doing and would be eternal and permanent in their nature; whereas if man brings the Fall upon himself, he is the responsible moral agent, and God is able to rescue and redeem him from his fallen state."

    Robert J. Matthews

  • "Wars and Rumors of Wars"

    How can war be eliminated from the earth? "The answer is simple but hard to realize. Let the people of this world live the gospel. Before peace can come to the world around us, it must come into our hearts." 

    President Spencer W. Kimball

RE 5, no. 1 (2004)