• Our Creator's Cosmos

    "As we look at the universe, we do not see unexplained chaos or cosmic churn. Instead, the faithful see God 'moving in His majesty and power' (D&C 88:47). It is like viewing a divinely choreographed, cosmic ballet—spectacular, subduing, and reassuring!"

    Elder Neal A. Maxwell

  • Enduring it Well

    "Our people have endured every kind of suffering. Indescribable have been their sacrifices. Immense beyond belief have been their labors. But out of all of this fiery crucible has come something glorious."

    President Gordon B. Hinckley

  • How and What We Worship

    The Savior condescended to become one with us in experiencing mortality and growing grace by grace that we might follow Him and worship the Father through His example. 

RE 3, no. 2 (2002)