Exploring the First Vision

Edited by Samuel Alonzo Dodge and Steven C. Harper

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This volume explores some of the seminal articles that examine Joseph Smith’s First Vision, which were written by the foremost experts who have studied it for half a century. This book preserves and shares that work. Those who study the First Vision today depend very much on the works of the scholars that are reprinted in this volume. Moreover, much of the source material on which their articles are based and on which we depend, they discovered and published. The book includes articles by and interviews with James B. Allen, Richard L. Anderson, Milton V. Backman Jr., Richard L. Bushman, Steven C. Harper, Dean C. Jessee, Larry C. Porter, and John W. Welch. The past First Vision scholarship is indispensable to the present. We are beginning to explore further because we can see from their shoulders. For a review by the Association for Mormon Letters, click here. For video interviews with the authors, click here.

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  • ISBN: 978-0-8425-2818-4
  • Published in 2012