Church History in Black and White: George Edward Anderson's Photographic Mission to Latter-day Saint Historical Sites

By Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, Ted D. Stoddard and T. Jeffery Cottle

Volume 3 in the Occasional Papers Series

In 1907, when photography was still considered magical, George Edward Anderson set forth on a momentous journey across the United States. En route to a proselytizing mission in England, Anderson—arguably the most important photographer of Latter-day Saint historical sites to date—spent a year capturing vivid images of the sites of such transcendent events as the First Vision, the restoration of the priesthood, the publication of the Book of Mormon, and the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. This volume assembles these photographs with Anderson’s 1907 diary, which allows reader to appreciate the photographs in their historical, cultural, and religious setting.



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  • ISBN: 0-8849-4998-2
  • Published in 1995