Research Grant - Religious Education Faculty

Each academic year BYU’s Religious Studies Center conducts an annual competition for research awards in support of scholarship undertaken by professors in Religious Education. Such research will generally relate to their employment in Religious Education and to the mission of the Religious Studies Center.  The grants are open only to full-time professors in Religious Education at BYU Provo.

Funding levels depend upon the nature of the project and the number of applications received.  Grant funds may be used for travel, supplies, and student wages. 

After you are notified of the research funding you will receive from your department, you are welcome to submit a request for an RSC–Religious Education grant for additional research-related funding.  These grants are open only to full time faculty in Religious Education. 

If you submit an application for an RSC–Religious Education Research grant, make sure to list all pertinent department monies (as well as grant money from elsewhere) in the section that asks about other funding you are receiving for your projects.

For 2017-2018, we will accept applications for RSC–Religious Education research grants from 30 August through 11 September for the then current academic year.  Applicants will be notified by 16 September, and monies will be available immediately thereafter.  It is generally expected grant monies will be spent during the academic year for which funding is provided.

After downloading and completing the application form, sign it and submit it to your department chair for her/his endorsement and signature.  Chairs will then forward endorsed applications to the appropriate department RSC co-research director.

Click here for a PDF copy of the research grant application form.

Please review the following criteria by which RSC–Religious Education Research Grants will be judged:

  • We cannot issue new grant monies to faculty members who received RSC funding this past year until they have emailed a paragraph-length summary of their expenditures and activity/accomplishments with the past year’s RSC funding.  Send these summary reports to the appropriate department RSC co-research director:  Kerry Hull (Ancient Scripture) or Gerrit Dirkmaat (Church History and Doctrine). 
  • Does the proposed research agenda fit the mission and research interests of Religious Education and those of the Religious Studies Center?
  • Does the researcher have the necessary expertise to undertake the proposed project it, and to do so with an acceptable degree of rigor and methodological soundness?
  • Are the proposed theoretical framework and the proposed methodology of the project sufficiently well thought-out and justifiable so as to result in quality scholarship?
  • Is the researcher capable of completing the project in the timeframe proposed?
  • Is the requested budget for the project realistic?
  • Does the project have Department Chair endorsement?
  • Are there other and/or better sources of funding for the project (MEG, Kennedy Center, Redd Center, plus AAR, ATS/Henry Luce, etc.)?
  • Will the project result in at least one scholarly publication or other scholarly product of value?
  • Has the project had prior RSC funding?  (Generally the RSC does not fund for more than one year at a time.  Multi-year projects should be presented as such, but must specify the funding request for the initial year.  Funding for additional years on the same project requires a separate application, each year, so an assessment can be made of the quantity and quality of activity in the previous year.)

*We hope grant recipients will submit some form of their research to the RSC for publication, if their primary publication venue is other than the RSC.

*We expect grant recipients will acknowledge RSC–Religious Education funding in all publications resulting from this funding.