Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Religious Studies Center?

The Religious Studies Center is the research arm of Religious Education at Brigham Young University. Established in 1975 under the direction of Dean Jeffrey R. Holland, the center has funded research and published groundbreaking works on Latter-day Saint scripture, doctrine, history, and culture.

Where is the Religious Studies Center office located?

The publications office is located at 167 Heber J. Grant Building at Brigham Young University (the testing center). The office where research grants should be submitted is 370 Joseph Smith Building.

What format should I use for an article or book I want to submit?

On the Religious Studies Center’s home page, click the button labeled “Publications” and then click "RSC Style Guide" to show the style guide. For convenience, you may print it.

How can I get copies of the Religious Studies Center newsletter?

Add your name and address to the newsletter mailing list by sending us an email.

How do I subscribe to the Religious Educator?

Visit our subscription page here. You can also order back issues from that site.

When should I expect my next issue of the Religious Educator?

Please contact us through email with all subscription questions.