Hatch, Ephraim

Ephraim Hatch is a retired architectural programmer for Brigham Young University. He served for over twenty-five years in the Special Projects Office. For many of those years, Hatch was responsible for the written requirements on all major projects on the BYU and other Church school campuses. In addition to building programming, he researched and compiled the history of the Physical Facilities Division and helped publish both existing volumes of that history.

After graduating from Provo High School in 1939 and completing two years at BYU, Hatch worked as an engineering draftsman at Boeing where he worked on a team which helped develop plans for the B-29 “Super Fortress.” In 1944, after two years at Boeing, he joined the US Navy and served on an aircraft carrier as a radar, sonar, and radio specialist.

In 1957, Hatch returned to BYU in the Architectural Planning Department and stayed through twenty-five years of unparalleled campus growth. He and his wife, Verena, are the parents of six children and reside in Provo, Utah. 

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