Hamblin, William J.

William James Hamblin was a Mormon apologist and professor of history at Brigham Young University when this was written. He is a former board member of the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies at BYU. Brother Hamblin received his bachelors degree in history from BYU. He did his graduate studies from the University of Michigan, receiving an M.A. in history in 1981, an MA in Near East Studies in 1984, and a PhD in history in 1985. The title of his Dissertation was The Fatimid Army During the Early Crusades. Prior to joining the faculty of BYU in 1989, Brother Hamblin was a history professor at the University of Southern Mississippi, an instructor at Campbell University and a middle east intelligence analyst for the United States Department of Defense. Brother Hamblin contributed many articles to The International Military Encyclopedia.Brother Hamblin lives in Provo, Utah with his wife, Loree. They have three children.


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