Farnes, Sherilyn

Sherilyn Farnes has studied, published and presented in women’s and early American religious history. Much of her research has focused on the Edward and Lydia Partridge family, beginning with her master’s thesis, which focused on Edward Partridge and memory. She has subsequently published and presented about various members of the Edward and Lydia Partridge family. In addition to presentations on early Church history at the Mormon History Association, she has also presented in various venues on the history of women in cartography, Latvian Church history, and the maps of seventeenth-century Jesuit cartographer Eusebio Francisco Kino, in New Spain. She earned her first two degrees from BYU in history, and has since taught in both the English and the Church History and Doctrine Department at BYU. Following time working with the Joseph Smith Papers Project, she elected to pursue her PhD in history at Texas Christian University with a focus on early nineteenth-century western Missouri.

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