Butler, Mark H.

Mark Butler was a professor in Brigham Young University’s School of Family Life when this was written and also is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Clinically, he specializes in helping married couples achieve recovery from a spouse’s addiction. He earned his BS magna cum laude in political science and MS in marriage and family therapy at Brigham Young University. After practicing therapy for several years, he returned on fellowship to earn his PhD in marriage and family therapy at Texas Tech University, after which he joined the marriage and family faculty at BYU in 1996. He won the 1999 American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Outstanding Research Publication Award. He has presented to regional, national, and international audiences on principles and interventions for promoting recovery from addictive behavior, regularly including an emphasis of spiritual principles and practices related thereto. Mark and his wife Shelly have been married 33 years (in 2018) and are the parents of five children.

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