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Editor’s Note

            The publication of this issue of the Religious Educator corresponds with the celebration of the RSC’s fortieth anniversary. In the events leading up to our anniversary, I have had the opportunity to reflect upon where we have been as a center, where we are going, and where we want to be in the coming years. The lead article in this edition represents a candid interview that Elder Holland sat down for in preparation for our fortieth anniversary. As you may already know, Elder Holland established the center in 1975. His foresight and planning laid the foundation that we build upon today. In the article he shares some of his thoughts on how the center came to be and events that led him to propose starting the center.

            This issue of the journal has much to offer, and it reflects the great diversity that the RSC represents. Over the course of our first forty years, the journal has increasingly grown into a bridge-building endeavor where academics can speak to teachers and interested readers and where fresh and insightful studies can be published. The journal represents a community of believers who are seeking to improve their teaching, expand their understanding, and broaden their academic horizons. It also helps academics identify the relevancy of their work for the larger public. And for general readers, it is hoped that the journal offers careful discussions that are timely and insightful. This issue of the journal offers a welcome time to reflect on where we’ve been and to look forward to another forty years of productive and healthy discussions.

Thomas A. Wayment





Religiou​s Educator VOLUME 16 NUMBER 2 2015


The Fortieth Anniversary of the RSC: A Conversation with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Interview by Thomas A. Wayment


Peter, the Priesthood, the Temple, and Christ’s Atonement

Elder Bruce C. Hafen


Diversity: The Strength of Book of Mormon Prophets

Elder Khumbulani D. Mdletshe


The Gospel According to Nephi: An Essay on 2 Nephi 31

Noel B. Reynolds


“With All Diligence of Mind”

Fred E. Woods


“To Whom Is the Arm of the Lord Revealed?”

Aaron P. Schade and Matthew L. Bowen


A Different Way of Seeing the Hand of the Lord

John Gee


How Young Latter-day Saints Read Scriptures: Five Profiles

Eric D. Rackley


What We Should Teach the Latter-day Saints about Family History and Genealogy

Roger P. Minert and Anne Leishman


“For Our Profit and Learning”: One Method for Likening the Scriptures

Charles Swift


Responding to Wrong Answers

Ryan J. Wessel